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2-Part Basic Training Program - $99.99


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Unlock The Hidden Powers Of Your Mind And Gain Permanent Control Over Your Weight

For most of us achieving greater control over our weight requires very specific behavior and life style changes. We change our behavior and our lives, by changing the way we think. You can unlock the hidden power of your mind and change the way you think with this proven four-part method:

I. Voluntary Relaxation Training

Anything that requires a change in behavior causes stress. Our body's reaction to stress is inconsistent with health, wellness and permanent weight control.

II. Visualization
Practicing in your head with the right images improves performance of the behaviors that are imperative for successful, long-term weight management and wellness.

III. Attitude Enrichment
An unshakable positive attitude is critical to the achievement of any weight loss or wellness goal.

IV. Positive Reinforcement and Support
Behavior and lifestyle changes are difficult or impossible without external and internal support and reinforcement.

In as little as four short weeks you can master the psychological skills needed to take control over you life and your weight.

Through the use of three audiocassette tapes and unlimited electronic consultation with Dr. Gary Beale you will learn to: relax your mind and body to relieve stress, practice visualization specific to your total weight loss program and develop and maintain an unshakable positive attitude and expectation of success.

The Four Part Basic Mental Training Program is only


Order your comprehensive Basic Mental Training Program today and start your journey down the path to a healthier, happier life without excess weight.

Positive results are guaranteed or your money back. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and checks by phone, fax and e-mail.


A Comprehensive Four
Part System for the
Behavioral Aspects of
Permanent Weight Control

Relaxation and Imagery Conditioning:
to train your body and mind to relax and perform at their best and increase your dedication to wellness and weight loss behavior

Subliminal Suggestion and Self-programming:
to enhance the development and maintenance of a positive, winning attitude

Personalized Subliminal Self-programming Tape:
to motivate and support those actions specific to the achievement of your personal weight management goals

Electronic Consultation:
to assure the success of the training and the proper application of the techniques that are learned

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