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2-Part Basic Training Program - $99.99


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A new system of psychological training specifically designed for athletes now assures that players that use it will have a significant advantage over their opponents. Now not only major league players but every athlete who uses this two part basic mental training system will master the mental skills needed to consistently perform at their best.

Through the use of two audiocassette tapes and unlimited electronic consultation with Dr. Beale, this system teaches players, over a four-week period, how to enter the ideal psychological state sometimes referred to as "The Zone". As a result of the training and consultation players quickly learn how to apply the three basic skills of:

To teach you to achieve the ideal balance of energy and relaxation associated with being in "The Zone".

To create more positive expectations, master technique and tactics and improve confidence.

To mold positive thoughts, feelings and emotions into an unshakable winning mind-set. Thoughts, feeling and emotions have an instantaneous and involuntary effect on the muscles and organs of the body. (The Ideomotor Effect)

Order your Basic Mental Training Program today and start your journey down the path to even greater success on the playing field.

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