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Specializing in the Enhancement of Productive People

2-Part Basic Training Program - $99.99


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Ditch the Silver and Reach for the Gold

Research and experience have proven that Peak Performance is the result of proper physical, nutritional and psychological training and preparation. Most athletes and coaches are aware of proper physical and nutritional preparation, but very few focus on the third essential ingredient in their training.

Dr. Gary Beale's new web-based system of individualized psychological training now assures the development of a winning edge. With this low-cost system of mental preparation, every competitor can incorporate the necessary skills to perform more consistently at their highest potential. These audio programs represent the latest advances in Applied Sport Psychology.

We offer tapes and CDs for athletes in many sports including, golf, skating, running, tennis, football, cycling, volleyball, skiing, baseball, skydiving, snowboarding, powerlifting, basketball, judo and Nordic activities. We also make custom tapes for all sports.

Order your comprehensive Basic Mental Training Program today, and start your journey down the path to even greater success as a competitor. Positive results are guaranteed or your money back. We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express by phone, fax and e-mail or personal checks. For more information call (808) 261-1833 or (888) 625-2743.

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