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The Winning Attitude of a Competitive Athlete

A winning attitude is a key ingredient that all athletes need in order to perform their best. What you think and say to yourself shapes your attitude. Negative self-talk can lead to poor performance. Positive self-talk and positive feelings can stimulate great performances and the satisfaction of accomplishment. It can be the difference between first and second place.

One of the quickest, most effective ways to develop a winning self-talk routine is through the use of Dr. Gary Beale's Mind Games Subliminal Reinforcement Tape (Tape Two).

Tape Two can cognitively restructure the subconscious part of your mind where attitudes reside. It contains powerful positive statements, called "affirmations", which are repeated continuously and inaudibly throughout the tape. When your subconscious is subjected to affirmations, doubts and negative thoughts are replaced with an attitude of a consistent winner.

Positive subliminal affirmations have an amazing power to bring about changes in your attitude and level of performance.

The Mind Games audiotapes are guaranteed to teach every athlete how to achieve their own ideal mental state and winning attitude. Regardless of your skill-level or type of competition, Mind Games has a tape set specifically designed for you. Order your two-tape set today and actuate your quest for personal excellence and abundant success.

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