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Specializing in the Enhancement of Productive People

4-Part Basic Training Program - $199.99


Traders | Attitude | Relaxation/Visualization | Subliminal
The Key to Professional Success is in Your Headphones

Personalized training in the Psychology of business that utilizes your unique characteristics and situation is available to every professional. Whether your goals revolve around professional achievement, increasing clients, or better trade management, this new and unique individualized training program is an effective tool in helping you to achieve them.

Unlike generic motivational programs, this powerful system is custom made to incorporate your own personal goals, words and unique circumstances.

Research and experience have proven that professionals are more successful when they learn to control and alleviate the negative effects of the stress associated with trading, establish and maintain positive expectations and form and sustain an unshakable, positive attitude. Using Dr. Beale's tapes and consultation, in just four short weeks you will learn to use the following skills:

Eliminate the negative effects of stress, increase concentration and enhance cognitive functioning.

Create more positive expectations, improve confidence and assure more positive trading outcomes.

Mold and orchestrate thoughts, feelings and emotions and make them more supportive of productive, goal-oriented behavior.

Order your comprehensive Basic Mental Training Program today, and start your journey down the path to even greater success as a competitor. Positive results are guaranteed or your money back. We accept Master Card and Visa by phone, fax and e-mail or personal checks. For more information call (808) 261-1833 or (888) 625-2743.

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