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2-Part Basic Training Program - $99.99


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Assure a More Positive Birth Experience through Psychological Preparation and Training

Psychological Skills are an essential part of labor readiness because they give you the power to effectively cope with the challenges of birth. Certain key psychological skills can help a woman gain the ability to help herself when the tension and pain of delivery become too much.

Control or eliminates the "Fight or Flight Response", improve the efficiency of your body, reduce muscle tension, pain and fear. Women who use Voluntary Relaxation skills need less analgesia and anesthesia than those who do not.

Create more positive expectations, improve confidence and assure a more positive birth experience.

Mold and orchestrate your thoughts, feelings and emotions to make them more consistent with positive, productive outcomes. Thoughts, feeling and emotions have an instantaneous and involuntary effect on the muscles and organs of the body. (The Ideomotor Effect)

The Two Part Basic Mental Training Program is only $99.99*


Order your comprehensive Basic Mental Training Program today, and start your journey down the path to even greater success as a competitor. Positive results are guaranteed or your money back. We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express by phone, fax and e-mail or personal checks. For more information call (808) 261-1833 or (888) 625-2743.

*In-home consultation and training is available

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